sharing our Stories

Saturday 4/16; 2:45pm-4:15pm

The Meeting Point

We have been through perils and tribulations to lose the sense of safety in our bodies. As survivors, we will be creating stories by learning to communicate through demonstrations of self-love, body language, and silence as a means to bridge the gap between the hearing culture and deaf/hard-of-hearing culture to create community. The purpose of this workshop is to move gently and creatively to connect with other survivors, specifically, the hard-of-hearing community. We will demonstrate strength and resilience as a means to growth and empowerment by our own definition. Move at your own pace, and feel free.


Noemi paz

NOEMI PAZ is a passionate youth organizer/expressive artist. She specializes her social action in healing and activism. Her organizing and poetry work statewide and beyond have led to her current role as a facilitator and performer of Survivor Theater Project touring company. Her work as been published with ReACT Magazine, Oddball Magazine, and Confiers with Pine Manor College. As a CODA (Child of Deaf Adult (CODA), she was able to cross paths with other CODA survivors by performing in American Sign Language. She has performed for different audiences and has learned there is a need to "TRANSLATE how to listen". Her purpose is to build community with silence and sound in the community through expressive body language and empowered lyrics. All Noemi asks from you is to bring your, eyes, hands, and truth. "Do small things with great love."