The Art of Life After uses art, performance, and community dialogue as a project of recovery for and by survivors of sexual violence. We are interested in opening to what it means to be survivors of intimate and sexual violence and co-creating community around these questions. We are interested in allowing survivorship to be a part of our lives in a way that we define for ourselves. ALA works to hold both the pain of experiencing intimate violences and the strength and wholeness we have in ourselves and in the communities we can create.

Our community projects are process-focused in each step of their organization, around the prioritization of consent, boundaries, and respect. The Art of Life After is non-hierarchical and focuses on the strength of ourselves and our communities to heal us.

Alongside the work of healing for survivors, is the Art of Life After’s intention towards general community education around topics of sexual violence and decreasing stigmas, silences, and isolation associated with survivor identities.