Grounded Words

Saturday 4/16; 1:00-2:30pm

The Meeting Point

A workshop for survivors of intimate violence that will combine simple yoga postures and breathing techniques with writing exercises designed to expand the possibilities of what is sayable.

In this workshop, we will seek out ways to bridge the gaps of shadowy, broken, or even non-existent memories of trauma, because sometimes what we don’t remember can seem to negate or invalidate our stories. The heart of this workshop will be a writing exercise designed to reach beyond memory, allowing us to tell our stories no matter what’s missing, foggy, or shadowy. To help the writing process, we will ground ourselves with two of the best tools I’ve discovered along my journey as both a writer and a survivor. The first tool I want to share is the idea that your body is your best friend, no matter what it’s been through. I came to understand this through yoga, so in this workshop we will experiment with a very simple yoga posture that anyone can do. In “Mountain Pose” we will experiment with moving energy around the body, and see what happens to our minds and our emotions when we move the energy higher or lower in the body. The second tool is related to the first, and it is also something I learned through yoga: the idea that at the very center of us, there is a place of constant and eternal joy, even if it is not always apparent. Using a guided meditation, we will focus on this place of joy, and in this way ground ourselves so that the writing exercise can be as healing and productive as possible.


Kim Adrian

Kim Adrian is an award-winning writer who recently completed a memoir about the mechanics of memory in a family haunted by addiction, violence, and incest. Currently, she is at work on a book called Sock for Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons Series. A lyric meditation on the secret life of this most commonplace of objects, Sock will published in early 2017. Adrian is also the editor of The Shell Game: Writers Borrow Readymade Forms, an anthology of hybrid essays scheduled for publication in 2018 by the University of Nebraska Press. She teaches memoir, creative nonfiction, and craft classes at Grub Street, an independent literary arts center in downtown Boston. More info at