Goddess Workshop

Saturday 4/16; 11:00am-12:30pm

The Meeting Point

Do you remember playing make-believe when you were little? Dressing up and talking in a different voice? Creating scenes between your stuffed animals? Playing is an instinct for humans and many other animals. It helps us learn, and it also helps us heal. Through play, children process their experiences. Trauma can inhibit play in children and in adults. For this reason, it is an essential part of healing to rediscover our sense of play.

If you were a superhero or Goddess what superpowers would you have? How might you dress, walk or talk differently when assuming your secret identity? If you were an evil villain,what would be your plan? In this workshop, you will be creating your very own super hero or Goddess character! This will include creating a costume, a name and mission for your character. Through mindfulness and theatre based activities, you are invited to discover and embody an alternative reality though sound and movement.

At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a superhero costume and hopefully a smile.


Sarvenaz Moshfegh-Asiedu


Sarvenaz Moshfegh-Asiedu (b. 1976, Belgium) creates theatrical narratives that are presented as installations, performances, films, drawings and objects. Trained in classical music, painting, theater and boxing, Moshfegh-Asiedu interrogates the political, religious, and social belief status quo through community collaborations and inter-modal practice. Her work has been presented internationally at the Museum School, Boston (2001); Brooklyn Underground Film Festival, New York (2001); International Community School, Kumasi, Ghana (2005), among others.

Moshfegh-Asiedu graduated in 2000 from Basel Conservatory (Switzerland) with a Lehr-diploma in classical cello and music pedagogy. After completing a Post-bacchalaureate degree in Fine Arts at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2001, she spent three years at the Lee Strasberg Institute for Film and Theatre. After returning from Ghana, where she worked in arts education, she completed a second undergraduate degree in Expressive Arts Therapies. She is now completing her Masters in Psychology and Counseling at Goddard College; the focus of her studies in psychology has been the psychological, spiritual, and societal effects of incarceration.

Moshfegh-Asiedu has been a part of the Survivor Theatre Project for over a year, as a facilitator and director. Survivor Theatre Project is a survivor-run organization that offers a creative space for healing and empowerment to survivors of sexual violence.

Moshfegh-Asiedu is also collaborating with Timothy Muise, an incarcerated prisoners right's activist on a number of creative projects, including “Pass the Pen”, an ongoing process-oriented collaborative creative writing project designed to encourage solidarity and empowerment among incarcerated individuals through writing (passthepenproject.wordpress.com)

Sarvenaz Moshfegh-Asiedu lives in Dedham Massachusetts with her two daughters, a parakeet, two goldfish, 20ish guppies, four rats, and a red corn-snake.