Compassionate Healing Water Ritual for Survivors

Sunday 4/17; 12:30pm-2:00pm

The Meeting Point

This offering combines breath work, mindfulness, meditation, trauma sensitive yoga and a water ritual for healing. This ritual space is a gentle exploration of ways to receive support and gain effective and sustainable tools to support healing and growth. Topics include how to gain awareness of triggers, soothe the internal environment, connecting to the physical and energetic core, deepening breath capacity and having compassion for yourself. Karuna intends to hold a space of care and compassion, without judgement or assumption of what "should" happen, instead trusting in the inherent intelligence of each individual's healing journey. This class is trauma informed, body positive, all levels (including no experience) and for those recovering from illness and injury.


Karuna O'Donnell


I come to healing work with the identities of artist, survivor, activist and teacher. I want to know how people learn, heal and envision their lives from their deepest aspirations. Respect, attuned listening and compassion are central in the spaces I support and create. I see yoga and creative practices as a path to becoming an authentic human being with a precious gift to bring to my people. Facilitating personal acts of courage brightens my spirit tremendously.