Collaborative list of intentions


Karuna - Compassionate Healing Water Ritual For Survivors

To serve each person's experience effectively and with care.

To create a space where all bodies and all voices are welcome.

To approach each person, including myself, with the assumption that we all have the best intentions and are doing the best we can.

To create a space where personal responsibility, self care and asking for support are the welcomed and encouraged. I hold a vision of all people being the central directors in their own healing.

To encourage an approach of curiosity and wonder.


Kim - Grounded Words

To cultivate an atmosphere of safety and mutual respect. 

To help each other find greater access to our own deepest, strongest, most authentic selves. 

To build a unique and important community—a resource to facilitate healing, growth, and communication.


Noemi - Sharing Our Stories

To build a safe space. - It is a sacred space to be vulnerable and heard/seen. A learning space from each other's survivor ways. - 

To be present in your own space; your own time.  - The space is open to step in as a participant or step out as a spectator self-care comes first. -

To be your full self! - If you can, give it your all! It may be a enlightening for some of us! - 

Respect. - Self and Others. Humility is our truth. "Truth is Truce"-


Sarvi - Goddess Workshop

To have fun.

To play.

To build safety.

To experience expansion.