Our first installation of The Art of Life After project, organized and curated by Alicia Chatterjee and Mattie Loyce with the support of Mission Gallery, took place in April 2015. The show incorporated visual, written, and performance pieces - all created by survivors - with the goal of inciting a collective conversation about what sexual violence means and does within our lives and communities.

In this show we showcased a singer songwriter, a theatrical performance troupe, multiple visual artists and interactive installations giving a full breadth of experiences. Through these mediums we purposefully engaged in a conversation around healing from sexual violence  with multiple identities related to race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, economic and citizenship status during the event.

The show had visual work form various local artists including Allyson Blackburn, Anya Smolnikova, Cynae, Dory Dinoto and Luz Change as well as performances from singer/songwriter Stephanie Meyers and The Survivor Theatre Project.


Photography by Daniella Fay, Alicia Chatterjee, and Mattie Loyce.